Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moore College of Art and Design

So there I was/here I am... Moore College of Art and Design, a corner-lot of opportunity, a female feuled creative hell... and from day one I knew I just waltzed in to one of those places that you never want to sit down, get comfortable and settle. As much as I hate that 'on your toes' feeling, it has taught me well.

So lets start, because I want to talk about today, and not 4 years ago.... 

When I transfered into THIS school,  I switched my major to Illustration. Which was JUST ONE of the best decisions I have in my life thus far. When I painted in my first school is was about realism (to an extent) but mostly freedom and capturing heart and soul. I liked it, I learned A LOT, but it was not what I was looking for in my art. I wanted to technique, and realism, and to really push my abilities into an editorial field as opposed to a more personal realm like gallery (which was where I was heading.) Here at Moore they really pressed the values that I always wanted, and at times, they'd even let us personally express ourselves! Which was a nice relaxing outlet to utilize our training....

Here is my second years work...

Charcoal study of Kara

Digital Parrot study

self portrait inspired by a gay rights artist

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