Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DINO-SORES: I Saw the Sign

Bam Bah-Bah-Bah Bam Bam-Bam BAAAAAAAAAHM  
So now im running to a new beat. steppin' on toes to a new drum, 

-  I Saw the Sign and it opened up my mind! And I am happy now living without you I've left you, oh-oh-OH! 

Ok, so there was no sign, But there was a 60 Minutes special... On DINOSAURS!!!!!  And instantly was swept off my nerdy feet. So my new thesis... 
pretty much lightly talks about this... but this special opened up my world. I started doing more and more research, reading his books, watching his movies, finding other scientists he works with/talks to, and reading my old geology books to gain a better understanding and timeline of the earth. I have compiled, condensed and rewrote a very interesting piece about this very controversial theory and i am very eager to really get the ball rolling. 

The Plan: A cover and 3 Double Spreads
I have the measurements of my sheets, text boxes, layouts, and even have the prelims down and ready to go. Finished the color comp for the Final Cover!!!



I just want to run them by my teacher before I finish and tighten up the piece... because I have a tendency to run,  really fast with things, so this semester, I am taking is slow and going to get approval first!

The next piece I will be working on will be the opening  page of the story, I have a very vibrant eye-catching design and a little mini portrait of Jack Horner planned... and the rest you ask?? Later Nader!!!

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