Friday, February 4, 2011

Hell in Maya Eyes

Im currently taking a class on Friday afternoons that touches base on the basic elements of 3D modeling and animation in a program called Maya. So far I enjoy the class... to an extent. I LOVE my teacher Ebon Fisher (Check out: Nervepool), and the program is a tool I need/want to learn for the profession I dream to succeed in... BUUUUUT... I hate computor labs. They are ALWAYS in the basement, ALWAYS cold, and ALWAYS dark. Three elements alone most sane people try to avoid. Other than that... I do love my teacher, the other students in my class, and the program. 

I was so excited when we learned to animate some of our spheres that I recorded it on my phone and sent my small success to a dear loved one. By the end of my class I had all my balls moving and morphing!! but I didn't  have a chance to record it. My bladder had other plans for the final 5 minutes of class... Oh well.

My teacher is great. He explains the program in such a unique way and if you are a nerd like me and like science and math, you'll totally love and laugh at his zany jokes.

Funny ORSO-mething like that:

So when I went to go retrieve the video off my phone I found this video as well that I forgot I had shot months ago. Meet Orso! Orso is my older brother and future sister-in-law's Italian Mastif. He is such a cute clumsy little thing. I found him in my room one day chewing on my stuffed bear so as a joke I threw my snuggie on him. It was sooooo funny! When he finally found his way out of the 'As Seen On TV' Wonder, he instantly went back to my bear, so I threw the snuggie once again and recorded it this time...



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