Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Junior Year: Buggin'

junior thesis...
painted in oil touched up digitally

final copy
I did two other bugs and pages, but they are currently hanging in school. i'll throw them up once i get my hands on them again. I also printed out Temporary tattoos with my bugs on them for fun. They came our GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!! they were a hit!


My color pencil final 

Nose painting... oil for my portraiture class

beginning of one of my bugs for my Junior Thesis
(will post the finals later, they are currently hanging in school)

pencil drawing of homer

beginning of christmas card

a painting for Goose Girl

  5in portrait... oil

grandma & grandpa

pencil study

beginning of charcoal study

nothing like twister in the cemetary 
fun face on my plate!!!

my cousin and my uncle

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