Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is my first entry and this will be my fifth year of art school... SO LETS CATCH YOU UP! (and quick, because cream of wheat gets clumpy when cold!)

So freshman year NUMBA WUN I went to a small school in New Hampshire (New Hampshire Institute of Art). I studied painting because I thought I wanted learn how to be happy, miserable, tormented, and psychotic all at once. but, thankfully, halfway through the year while drinking a rootbeer I realized, that was a stupid idea especially if I ever want to wear my favorite jeans again. so I put down my favorite college elixir, packed my bags, left the state and change my major! So SEE-YA- NORA New Hampshire and hello hometown jersey!!!

Study of my shoe in oil

study of my art back in oil


A little fun in oil; a CO-oil-LLAGE 

A lovely portrait of my boyfriend at the time, oil
Keep in mind that at this point, Im 18 and extremely cocky... and obviously have NO idea what im doing...

So back to Jersey here I come/there I went!!  Growing up in South Jersey was not bad... not bad at all. Until I left and saw what the world (New Hampshire) had to offer... sidewalks,  stores  and people in walking distance, and take out that was actually convenient! I was sold! Now back in south jersey I got my old farm job back, my truck insurance to pay, and no sidewalks or CVS trips, no chinese food, and no friends or time. I had to go back to school, But I was STUMPED and DUMPED in New Jersey!!!! So, best bet was County School. (OUCH!!!!) I attended Gloucester County for a Whopping 3 month semester taking all the science i could squeeze with the money allotted and an ethics class, watercolor class, and an art history for fun. It was an amazing semester! i had so much fun!!! I pretty much drew illustrations for my science lessons, drew caricatures of the wack-a-doos in my ethics class, and drew tripped out drawings in my art history class for kids who sat next to me who was constantly "expanding his mind". Oh and if you were wondering, my art class, I hated it. 

"This is truly Torture" A pen drawing done in one of my science classes

watercolor from my watercolor class

watercolor class

At the end of the semester I uninsured my truck! packed my bags! and ten days before the second semester started of that year, I attended Moore College of Art and Design! Now this is were the fun begins....

found these at a later date
mural I painted after NH but before County