Friday, February 4, 2011

Color Scheme of a Well Spent Friday

my reference photo (Ashley in the stairwell of my apartment building)

basic Black and White study

Values worked out

Dom wanted me to add more interest

Now this is where hell breaks loose...


Hell in Maya Eyes

Im currently taking a class on Friday afternoons that touches base on the basic elements of 3D modeling and animation in a program called Maya. So far I enjoy the class... to an extent. I LOVE my teacher Ebon Fisher (Check out: Nervepool), and the program is a tool I need/want to learn for the profession I dream to succeed in... BUUUUUT... I hate computor labs. They are ALWAYS in the basement, ALWAYS cold, and ALWAYS dark. Three elements alone most sane people try to avoid. Other than that... I do love my teacher, the other students in my class, and the program. 

I was so excited when we learned to animate some of our spheres that I recorded it on my phone and sent my small success to a dear loved one. By the end of my class I had all my balls moving and morphing!! but I didn't  have a chance to record it. My bladder had other plans for the final 5 minutes of class... Oh well.

My teacher is great. He explains the program in such a unique way and if you are a nerd like me and like science and math, you'll totally love and laugh at his zany jokes.

Funny ORSO-mething like that:

So when I went to go retrieve the video off my phone I found this video as well that I forgot I had shot months ago. Meet Orso! Orso is my older brother and future sister-in-law's Italian Mastif. He is such a cute clumsy little thing. I found him in my room one day chewing on my stuffed bear so as a joke I threw my snuggie on him. It was sooooo funny! When he finally found his way out of the 'As Seen On TV' Wonder, he instantly went back to my bear, so I threw the snuggie once again and recorded it this time...



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DINO-SORES: I Saw the Sign

Bam Bah-Bah-Bah Bam Bam-Bam BAAAAAAAAAHM  
So now im running to a new beat. steppin' on toes to a new drum, 

-  I Saw the Sign and it opened up my mind! And I am happy now living without you I've left you, oh-oh-OH! 

Ok, so there was no sign, But there was a 60 Minutes special... On DINOSAURS!!!!!  And instantly was swept off my nerdy feet. So my new thesis... 
pretty much lightly talks about this... but this special opened up my world. I started doing more and more research, reading his books, watching his movies, finding other scientists he works with/talks to, and reading my old geology books to gain a better understanding and timeline of the earth. I have compiled, condensed and rewrote a very interesting piece about this very controversial theory and i am very eager to really get the ball rolling. 

The Plan: A cover and 3 Double Spreads
I have the measurements of my sheets, text boxes, layouts, and even have the prelims down and ready to go. Finished the color comp for the Final Cover!!!



I just want to run them by my teacher before I finish and tighten up the piece... because I have a tendency to run,  really fast with things, so this semester, I am taking is slow and going to get approval first!

The next piece I will be working on will be the opening  page of the story, I have a very vibrant eye-catching design and a little mini portrait of Jack Horner planned... and the rest you ask?? Later Nader!!!

Senior Year: Hansel and Gretel Never Made it Home to Papa

So this year, so far, has been quite a roller coaster ride for me career wise. I chose for my Senior Thesis to reillustrate Hansel and Gretel. I wanted to capture the eeriness and horror the story of the story with oils. I had planned on doing 2  whole paintings and 3 spot illustrations by the end of this semester and by the time the show rolled around in May I'd have 5 full paintings done and 6 spots, which in my mind, was enough to capture the gist of the story. BUT OOOOOOOH I was so wrong. Many things caught me off guard this semester... I just was not on top of my game. I did end of getting two full paintings done and 3 spots, but they just were not up to my standards.

final forest

final witch

final stove spot

final bread spot

close up of bread spot

 but other than my thesis I did have a fun semester. I took Wheel throwing!
and faux painted everything i threw  :)   couldnt help myself

Junior Year: Buggin'

junior thesis...
painted in oil touched up digitally

final copy
I did two other bugs and pages, but they are currently hanging in school. i'll throw them up once i get my hands on them again. I also printed out Temporary tattoos with my bugs on them for fun. They came our GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!! they were a hit!


My color pencil final 

Nose painting... oil for my portraiture class

beginning of one of my bugs for my Junior Thesis
(will post the finals later, they are currently hanging in school)

pencil drawing of homer

beginning of christmas card

a painting for Goose Girl

  5in portrait... oil

grandma & grandpa

pencil study

beginning of charcoal study

nothing like twister in the cemetary 
fun face on my plate!!!

my cousin and my uncle

Junior Year: Life as I Blew it

My new little baby, Orso. He is my brother's  pup!

shot I took of the inside of a  bird house, i think either me or my brother made it years ago when we were very young.

Soph-bore Year

my attempt at a trompe l'oeil

my grandpa making dinner, just a fun shot

A loose oil for class...

My attmept at an orange... oil

learning the mesh tool in Illustrator. Was trying to make my older brother a lego-man
acrylic painting i did for a friend

oil study

pencil study



paiting of a harley revolution! 5 x 15 in


step 1

step 2 






oil of my old massey at home